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Elghobashi-Meinhardt , Nadia
Technical University Berlin
Degree   PhD
Organisation   Technical University Berlin
Status   Junior Group leader
My research is in the field of theoretical biophysics / computational chemistry. We are interested in understanding structure/function relationships in biological systems. For these investigations, we use and develop computational tools (quantum chemistry, molecular modeling and simulation, free energy calculations, protein/ligand binding and docking, homology modeling).

Funding by the VolkswagenStiftung ("New Conceptual Approaches to Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems") is gratefully acknowledged.

curriculum vitae

Address at Technical University Berlin:
Biomolecular Modeling
Institute of Chemistry
Technical University Berlin
Strasse 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

Selected Publications

Computational tools unravel structural features of the lysosomal NPC1 protein
Submitted. (2019).
N. Elghobashi-Meinhardt.

Insight into inhibitor binding in the 20S eukaryotic proteasome.
Int J Mol Sci. 19(12) (2018).
M. Hodoscek and N. Elghobashi-Meinhardt.

Exploring peptide-solvent interactions: a computational study.
Special issue - Combined Quantum Mechanical and Molecular Mechanical Methods and Simulations. 23(9), 2355 (2018).
N. Elghobashi-Meinhardt.

Simulations of NPC1(NTD): NPC2 protein complex reveal cholesterol transfer pathways.
Special issue - Molecular features of lysosomal storage disorders. 19(9), 2623 (2018).
M. Hodoscek and N. Elghobashi-Meinhardt.

Catalysis of ground state cis-->trans isomerization of bacteriorhodopsins retinal chromophore by a hydrogen-bond network.
J. Membrane Biology, 2018, Accepted.
N. Elghobashi-Meinhardt, P. Phatak, A.-N. Bondar, M. Elstner, J. C. Smith..

ProPairs: A Data Set for Protein-Protein Docking.
J Chem Inf Model, 2015, 55 (7), pp 1495-1507.
Krull F, Korff G, Elghobashi-Meinhardt N, Knapp EW.

Niemann-Pick Type C Disease: A QM/MM Study of Conformational Changes in Cholesterol in the NPC1(NTD) and NPC2 Binding Pockets
Biochemistry, 2014, 53 (41), pp 6603-6614.

Response of Water to Electric Fields at Temperatures below the Glass Transition: A Molecular Dynamics Analysis.
J. Chem. Phys. 135, 134507(1)- 134507(10), 2011
X. Hu - Elghobashi-Meinhardt - Gembris - Smith

Few-cycle laser pulses to obtain s(1patial separation of OHF- dissociation products
Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science, Vol. 8(2)
Elghobashi-Meinhardt - Gonzlez - Barth - Seideman

A theoretical anharmonic study of the infrared absorption spectra of FHF- , FDF- , OHF- , and ODF- anions.
J. Chem. Phys. 124, 174308(1)-174308(12), 2006
Elghobashi - Gonzlez

Breaking the strong and weak bonds of OHF- using few-cycle IR+UV laser pulses.
Chem. Chem. Phys. (Communications), 6, 4071-4073, 2004
Elghobashi, Gonzlez

Quantum model simulations of symmetry breaking and control of bond selective dissociation of FHF- using IR + UV laser pulses.
J. Chem. Phys. 120, 8002-8014, 2004
Elghobashi, Gonzlez, Manz

Quantum model simulations for isotope effects of IR + UV laser pulses on symmetry and selective hydrogen bond breaking.
Z. Phys. Chem. 217, 1577-1596, 2003
Elghobashi, Gonzlez, Manz

Separating the photofragments of randomly oriented symmetric reactants by IR+UV laser pulses: quantum simulations for FHF- -> F + FH + e.
Israel J. Chem., 43, 293-303, 2003
Elghobashi - Manz

IR + UV laser pulse control of momenta directed to specific products: Quantum simulations for HOD -> H+OD versus HO+D.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 5, 4806-4813, 2003
Elghobashi - Krause - Manz - Oppel

Oxidation of gold by oxygen-ion sputtering.
Surf. Sci. 523, 89-102, 2003
Gottfried - Elghobashi - Schroeder - Christmann


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Fabeckstr. 36a, D-14195, Germany, Berlin-Dahlem
+49 30 838 54387
+49 30 838 56921 (Fax)

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Aysam Guerler, Connie Wang and E. W. Knapp

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