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The airport Berlin Tegel is situated in the north-western part of Berlin. The Free University is in the south-west of Berlin. With public transportation you will need about an hour to reach my offices. If you want to use public transportation, you leave the airport halls looking following the signs with a bus symbol . Outside of the airport you find the bus station. You will find a yellow ticket machine. Buy a one way AB ticket for EUR 2.40 (price may have changed), which will be valid for the whole trip (in fact it's valid for two hours). Check that it is an AB ticket with price EUR 2.00, then it is the proper ticket. Enter bus No. 109 (or X9). Since Tegel airport is the end station of these busses, you do not need to care for the proper direction. In the bus, there are red (sometimes they are yellow/white) boxes. Stick your ticket in the slit of one of the red boxes to devaluate your ticket at the beginning of your trip. At the bus station "Jakob-Kaiser-Platz" you exit the bus. You enter the subway direction "Rudow", which you leave at the station "Fehrbelliner-Platz". Now you change to subway direction "Krumme Lanke". Finally you exit the subway at the station "Dahlem Dorf" campus map Leaving the station you turn right into the street "Koenigin-Luise" and walk about 100 meters. Now you turn again to the right in the first street (Takustrasse) and cross the streets "Lenzstrasse" and "Arminallee". On the right side you will reach the building of Crystallography (Takustrasse 6) after another 100 meters. You are now in the range of a map with the sourrounding of our office map Please print it out at your place and bring it along for your visit in Berlin. Then you will have no problem to find us from where you are now.



Fabeckstr. 36a, D-14195, Germany, Berlin-Dahlem
+49 30 838 54387
+49 30 838 56921 (Fax)

Protein Electrostatics 2016

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Aysam Guerler, Connie Wang and E. W. Knapp

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Alok Juneja, Henning Riedesel, Milan Hodoscek and E. W. Knapp

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Gegham Galstyan and E. W. Knapp

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Ilkay Sakalli and E. W. Knapp

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